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Your Windshield Isn't Defenseless: How To Protect It

If your windshield becomes too damaged to repair, you will need to replace it. This is expensive and you will save a lot more money if you take steps to prevent your windshield from becoming damaged.

Use UV Protection Films

UV protection films are designed to protect you from the sun's glare. However, they can also protect you from rocks and other road debris that can be kicked up by tires and strike the windshield. The films are installed within an hour and are fitted to the windshield thermally. When a rock strikes the film, it may cause a small mark that can be easily fixed.

If the object that strikes the windshield is large enough to penetrate the film, you will want to have the film repaired because the uneven surface could potentially damage the windshield wipers.

Use Windshield Wipers Carefully

The windshield wipers themselves can cause damage to the windshield. To prevent occasional scratches, use a protection film. Also, you can minimize the risk of scratches even further by only using the windshield wipers when they are wet.

Drive Responsibly

You can also protect your windshield from rocks by trying to avoid driving over poorly paved roads. The smoother the road, the less likely that a car will pick up a rock and strike the windshield. Also, when you are parking your vehicle, try to park it in a garage to reduce the risk of damage as a result of a hail storm.

Defrost the Windshield Properly

During the winter, when your windshield has become frozen, you may think you can resolve the problem quickly by pouring hot water on the windshield. However, the hot water is more likely to cause the windshield to crack. The best way to avoid the frozen windshield problem is to spray on a frost and ice shield product in the morning. Then, before using your car, simply wipe off the product with your windshield wiper fluids.

A less advanced option is to use a windshield blanket. This is a special blanket that you place over the windshield and lift off before you use the car. Since the ice and snow doesn't come in contact, the windshield will not become frozen.

If you take these steps, you'll be able to minimize the risk of damaging your windshield. However, if you still get a chip, you will want to take your car to a repair specialist, such as Speedy Glass - Phoenix, because chips will often turn into more expensive cracks if they are not promptly repaired. If you do have a crack, cover the area with tape and avoid using the defrosters until you can get your windshield repaired.