First-time Car Buyers: Tips for Navigating the Auto World

3 Elements Of Buying Used Auto Parts That You Should Remember

There are two main reasons that people buy used car parts – either they cannot find the part they need new, or they want to save a little money making a repair. Either way, the decision to buy a certain used car part must be made carefully. How can you know if the part you need is OK to use once it has been used on a different vehicle?

Seller's Reputation

What is probably the most important element of buying used parts for your vehicle is finding a seller that has a solid reputation. Some sellers may not be as honest about the condition or the vehicle that the part has come off of.

Take some time to look into the reputation of the seller before you make any purchase. You should hold conversations with the seller about the part that you need and discuss what you should do if the part isn't an exact fit or isn't in good working condition. A quality seller will offer you an even exchange or a refund if the part is inadequate in any way.

Reconditioned Parts

If a part is able to be reconditioned, in most cases, you should go with the reconditioned version of the part rather than the part that has been directly removed from one vehicle to be used on another. The reconditioned parts typically are in as good as condition as they are when they are new, and many times, come with a quality guarantee.


When purchasing a motor or transmission, you should ask for proof of mileage. You don't want to purchase a motor or transmission that has a ton of miles on it to replace your blown motor or burned up transmission. If you do, you could end up going through the entire replacement process very soon after completing it the first time.

You can get the vehicle's mileage history by running a vehicle history report using the VIN number. The VIN number is not only on the vehicle's dashboard, but also on the crankcase of the engine. If you have purchased a used motor, take a minute to run the VIN number and find out the last mileage posted on the history to find out if it coincides with what the seller claims.

These are three important elements to keep in mind when buying used auto parts. Talk with your local mechanic or used auto part supplier to find the parts that you need and learn if that part can be purchased as a used part. To learn more, contact a company like Apartsmart with your questions and concerns.