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3 Ways To Keep Diesel-Powered Trucks Running Through The Winter

Whether you drive a medium duty truck like a flatbed, or a heavy duty one like a semi, if it runs on diesel gas, it could be challenging to keep it running well in colder weather. Here are three ways to keep your diesel-powered truck running throughout the winter months.

Use Winter Blend Fuel and Additives

One of the reasons it can be a challenge to keep trucks with diesel-powered engines running well when it's cold outside is because the fuel can gel up. Diesel fuel contains paraffin molecules, otherwise known as wax. When the temperature drops to freezing (32 degrees) this wax begins to crystallize. If the temperature drops to 10 to 15 degrees, the wax starts to gel, which will plug up the tank and the fuel filter.

Thankfully, there are some ways to prevent diesel fuel from gelling. One of which is to always gas up with winter blend fuel in colder weather. Another way to prevent gelling is to add fuel additives, which helps to prevent paraffin crystals from forming.

Install A Winter Front

Getting a winter front installed on your medium or heavy duty diesel-powered truck will help prevent cold air from blasting into the radiator while you're driving or when the truck is idling. Winter fronts can serve a dual purpose - besides keeping out cold air, they can also protect the truck from rocks, salt, snow, and other debris while the truck is in motion. Winter fronts come in a variety of colors and designs, and some truck drivers use them as a way to spruce up the look of their vehicle or add a festive touch during the winter months.

Install an Engine Block Heater

Drivers who live in colder parts of the country are familiar with engine block heaters. Having a block heater enables you to plug in your vehicle to an electrical outlet while it's parked. Keeping your engine warm in this way will make it much easier to start. When you get an engine block heater, don't forget to purchase a high-quality extension cord. There are some cords that are designed specifically for colder weather. It also helps to have a longer extension cord in case you can't park your truck close to an outlet.

Another thing to keep on hand as you drive your truck in the colder weather is emergency supplies such as warm clothing, a first-aid kit, and extra food and water. It also doesn't hurt to have the contact information for a truck towing service, just in case.