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Get Rid of Undercarriage Rust on Your Truck

If you have noticed that rust is starting to take over the undercarriage of your truck, you need to act right away in order to stop the rust from spreading and causing further damage to your truck. Here is what you need to do to stop the spread of rust on the undercarriage of your truck.

#1: Park Your Truck on a Solid Surface

The first thing you need to do is park your truck on a solid, stable surface. You want to be parked somewhere where the ground is both flat and even, as you are going to need to jack up your truck in order to remove the rust on the undercarriage.

#2: Jack Up Your Truck

Second, you need to jack up your truck so that you can get to the rust on the undercarriage. You are going to want to put the jack stands near your front tires, under the frame. You don't have to raise all sides of your truck to get to the rust, just the front. However, if you want to, you can place jacks on the frame behind your back tires as well to increase your access to the underside of your truck.

#3: Remove Rust with a Wire Brush

Third, put on some safety goggles and a breathing mask. Then, put a piece of cardboard on the floor under your truck. Once you have this set up, take a wire brush with you and slide under your truck. You are going to want to use to use the wire brush to scratch off and remove the rust that is stuck to your vehicle. You are going to want to work the wire brush around any parts that have rust on them.

#4: Clean Undercarriage of Your Truck

Fourth, once you have removed the rust on the undercarriage of your truck, you are going to want to clean the undercarriage. Take a few clean towels and use them to remove the rust dust flakes, wax, and grease from the undercarriage of your vehicle. You may want to use a grease remover to assist with the cleaning process.

#5: Apply Rust-Protective Coating

Finally, you want to apply a rust-protective coating to the undercarriage of your truck now that you have removed the rust and cleaned the undercarriage. The rust-protective coating should come with an brush applicator; if it doesn't, use a small paintbrush to apply the coating to the under area of your truck. Allow the protective coating to dry for a day and then apply a second coat. The rust-protective coating should turn your metal black. Coating turns the metal under your truck black because it is creating a magnetite proactive barrier that will protect your vehicle's metal from moisture and the development of rust.

Once the coating is dry, remove the jacks from your truck and lower it to the ground. This process should get rid of the existing rust on the undercarriage of your vehicle and prevent more rust from spreading. For professional help, contact an auto-repair service.