Troubleshooting Tire Wobble Or Bumping

A sudden shake, bump or trembling on the road can be frightening, but it could be a symptom of problems to come. Tire condition and axle alignment can have a major impact on the way you enjoy your trip, so if you're considering taking your repairs to a Ford dealer with a bit more information on your side, consider a few inspection areas for troubleshooting the right problem. Tire Problems May Create Different Effects

Your Windshield Isn't Defenseless: How To Protect It

If your windshield becomes too damaged to repair, you will need to replace it. This is expensive and you will save a lot more money if you take steps to prevent your windshield from becoming damaged. Use UV Protection Films UV protection films are designed to protect you from the sun's glare. However, they can also protect you from rocks and other road debris that can be kicked up by tires and strike the windshield.