Body Damage To Your New All-Aluminum Truck? What Should You Do?

If you've been a recent convert to the all-aluminum body style now being offered by certain truck manufacturers, you're probably enjoying the increased fuel economy that this lighter body material makes available. However, aluminum can be more difficult to repair when it is damaged -- and if you sustain damage to your new vehicle, you'll certainly want it returned to like-new condition as quickly as possible. What should you do after your vehicle suffers damage, and what factors can make the aluminum repair process different from typical body repair?

3 Elements Of Buying Used Auto Parts That You Should Remember

There are two main reasons that people buy used car parts – either they cannot find the part they need new, or they want to save a little money making a repair. Either way, the decision to buy a certain used car part must be made carefully. How can you know if the part you need is OK to use once it has been used on a different vehicle? Seller's Reputation